MOSTAR CONSTRUCTION. Engineering and Construction Company.
127521, Moscow, 14-ij projezd
Maryina Roshcha, 1A
+7 (495) 988 82 45
Engineering and Construction Company
  • The VODNY
    Shopping and office center, with an area of 130,000 square meters. meters. Work on installation of fire protection systems.
    Shopping center with lots of shops, a leisure center. A number of engineering works
    Chain stores ZARA, ZARA HOME, Stradivarius and others. Engineering and construction work in the shops INDITEX GROUP.

LLC «MOSTAR Construction» is the flagship of the group of companies involved in the design and construction.


Our staff are only certified, professional staff with experience in construction. Ltd. «MOSTAR Construction» is ready to provide the entire spectrum of construction works. We can complete the entire scope of work at the facility and help with various jobs, for example, to design and carry out installation of fire suppression systems.


Guarantee quality and integrity of our company can confirm our work and grateful clients. In the objects, you can see which building projects we have been involved and what work we have done. Our attitude to work does not depend on the importance or magnitude of the project, we focus on the goal, we value our reputation and put maximum effort and knowledge into every project.


About during the working process at all stages, we will promptly inform the customer. This allows, if necessary, make the necessary adjustments to the project and to avoid unnecessary financial costs and loss of time. Timeliness of the project is a priority. At the end of the project, LLC «MOSTAR Construction», does not lose touch with the customer, is always ready to solve more problems and fulfill their warranty obligations.


Always happy to work with you, the staff of the company «MOSTAR Construction»